With an 11-year experience as a first grade lab, we have completed many projects, ranging from houses, apartment buildings, roads, highways, landslides, airports, and so on.

Over the years we have completed projects outside of Braşov: Alba-Iulia, Constanţa, Sibiu, Sf. Gheorghe, Timişoara.

Our clients include:
• SPEA – Ingegneria Europea S.P.A.
• Astaldi
• Impregillo
• Impresa Pizzarotti & C. SpA Italia
• Bechtel International Inc.
• Embankment tests Auchan Coresi – Braşov (clients: Conarg AG, Maşini Hibrid, Taktik Sistem)
• CNAIR prin DRDP Brașov
• Brașov City Hall
• Brașov County Council
• RS Activ
• Vectra Service
• Alphaville Brașov
• Comarnic City Hall through Preduș Proiect SRL

Significant contracts completed:

• Service contract – Lot 3 project Coşlariu – Simeria line, Vinţu de Jos sector – Coşlariu – samples, construction site lab (client: Impresa Pizzarotti & C. SpA Italia)
The contract was carried out for 3 years, during which the site laboratory services were provided in parallel with the execution works related to the rehabilitation of the double railway, Vinţu de Jos-Coşlariu.
The tests that generated over 12,000 analysis bulletins were performed with a total of 6-12 people employed on the basis of the seasonal variation in the volume of works executed by the builder.
A working point was opened in Bărăbanţ, Alba-Iulia, which was authorized both by the State Construction Inspectorate (Inspectoratul de Stat în Construcţii) and by the Romanian Railway Authority (Autoritatea Feroviară Română).

• S.C. Keviep Debrecen S.R.L. – Borosneul Mare ecological pit

• S.C. Maurer Imobiliare Brasov and Sibiu

• S.C. Agetaps S.R.L. Penny Market

• S.C. Rap Development

• D.R.D.P. Brasov Orăştie-Sibiu Motorway, Lot 3, at the request of the beneficiary laboratory tests were made on the section represented by the A1 motorway between kilometers 60+545 and 60+770.
The tests aimed to verify the quality of the materials used on the motorway body as well as the execution method, starting from the foundation ground to the top layer.